New Year resolutions for your home

Top home improvement resolutions and how to achieve them.

The new year is here and people around the world have resolved to eat better, exercise more or learn a new skill. Extend your New Year resolutions to the home by following our tips for a cleaner, tidier, more efficient home in 2019.

Take down all holiday decorations

Decking the halls is one of the best things about the Christmas season but it’s easy to keep putting off the holiday clean up. 

Start the year with a clean slate by taking down all your holiday decorations and storing them in a plastic storage box to protect them during the off-season.

Once the decorations are down your house will feel less cluttered and tidier straight away.  

Take the time to consider the decorations you didn’t use this Christmas and if they still fit your lifestyle. Chances are if you didn’t use them this year you won’t use them again.

Clear the clutter

While you’re at it with the decorations, get started on the rest of the house too.

One of the easiest ways to feel better about your home is to clear it of clutter. 

This year, resolve to go from room to room periodically clearing anything you don’t use, wear or need and donate it to charity. Not only will you house sparkle, but you’ll feel good.

Think twice about what you bring in to your home and put items away as soon as you can.

Check your bills

Take the opportunity to look at your household bills from 2018 and work out whether there’s anywhere you can save money. 

Research different providers to find the best rates and look at whether there are any discounts available to you through memberships or concession cards.

Create a cleaning schedule

Make a list of cleaning tasks and divide into tasks that should be done daily, weekly, monthly and annually. If you’re not sure where to start, download a cleaning checklist from the internet and modify to suit your household.

Commit to daily tasks such as putting dishes in the dishwasher every night, placing all dirty clothes in the laundry hamper and hanging clean clothes or jackets in the wardrobe.

Weekly tasks can include wiping down cabinets, vacuuming each room, washing towels and cleaning bathrooms.

Add monthly and annual tasks, such as cleaning out the fridge, dusting ceiling fans and organising cabinets, to your calendar or set reminders on your phone.

Organise your closet

Cleaning out your closet can be a daunting task but there’s nothing like a good closet purge to prepare for the year ahead. 

Put aside the items you wear frequently and basics such as collared shirts, jeans and t-shirts.

Once you’ve decided what to keep, it’s time to start culling. Items you’ve only worn once or haven’t worn for years should be the first to go. Also include clothes that don’t make you feel good when you wear them or don’t fit quite right.

Consider whether the items you’re getting rid of can be given to a friend, donated to charity, sold on eBay and Facebook Marketplace, or repurposed as cleaning cloths.