Prepare your tastebuds for this year's Ekka

Get ready for a smorgasbord of carnival treats.

With only a month until the Ekka begins, it won’t be long until you can enjoy the show’s food favourites including Dagwood Dogs, hot chips and strawberry sundaes.

There’s even something for the most discerning of carnivores to enjoy with award-winning wagyu sliders and lamb cutlets.

At the recent Ekka media launch, RACQ’s dedicated pool of journalists and media advisors undertook the arduous task of sampling their way through the Ekka’s iconic food.

Here are their findings.

Dagwood dog

Jake: “I ate five, so it’s safe to say I had my fill of the quintessential staples of any Ekka day out.”

Jess: “There’s a reason these are only available at fairs and festivals.”

Emma: “Tasty but lacked that crisp exterior you get when it’s freshly pulled from the deep fryer.”

Nathan: “I was hoping for a taste of nostalgia and was met with disappointment.”

Hot chips

Nathan: “So good they could give McDonald’s a run for their money.”

Jess: “Perfectly cooked with the right amount of salt.”

Emma: “Hot and salty French fry style chips that hit the spot.”

Jake: “The perfect accompaniment to five Dagwood Dogs.”

Wagyu slider

Nathan: “Delectable meat that will keep you coming back for more.”

Jess: “Juicy meat and a soft bun. Add seeded mustard for an extra zing.”


Jess: “I love all cheese but the ashy brie was a standout.”

Emma: “Good selection featuring hard and soft cheese. The Woombye Ash Brie cheese had a slight hint of smoke.”

Lamb cutlet

Nathan: “The line for the lamb cutlet was by far the longest of the event and was worth every second.”

Strawberry sundae

Sam: “Everything I had hoped for. The strawberry on top was fresh, the whipped cream was fluffy, and the strawberry ice cream was deliciously creamy.”

Nathan: “I ate three and it still wasn’t enough. The strawberry sundae remains the best part of the Ekka.”

Jess: “So good I went back for a second one.”

Emma: “As always, it was the perfect combination of ice cream and strawberries.”

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