Putia Pure Food Kitchen

Celebrity chef Dominique Rizzo talks about Putia Pure Food Kitchen.

Celebrity chef Dominique Rizzo draws on more than 20 years’ experience as a chef and restaurateur at Banyo’s Putia Pure Food Kitchen, a casual and friendly restaurant with a focus on fresh, whole food.

Drawing inspiration from her Sicilian heritage, Dominique has created a seasonal menu with a Mediterranean twist on café classics.

We asked Dominique a few questions to find out what diners can expect from Putia Pure Food Kitchen.

What does putia mean?

Putia is a Sicilian dialect word meaning ‘little shop selling food and wine’, a place where the community meets. The word comes from the Spanish word bodega, meaning wine bar or a place that sells food and wine.

Is there a signature dish?

We make an amazing, gluten-free gnocchi, which is divine. It’s one of our most popular dishes and we keep it on our menu board with a sauce that changes weekly. It is the most delicious gluten-free gnocchi you will ever taste. 

Which is your favourite meal?

I love all food and don’t really have a true favourite as I really eat depending on how I am feeling. My favourite meal is whatever I am eating at the time.  

Do you use local suppliers and ingredients?

Yes, we love to support local farmers and people in our local community. We use local Brisbane produce including cheese, pasta, honey, greens and edible flowers.

Do you offer cooking classes?

We have a fantastic schedule of cooking classes that runs all year round. We offer hands-on classes such as cheese making, Easter bread making, fermenting, vegetarian, Italian, Spanish tapas and many more. All our classes can be found on our website.

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