Queensland's top road trip

Holiday here this year – here’s your favourite road trip in Queensland.

Nearly 10,000 RACQ members cast their vote for the best route in Queensland during RACQ’s two-month road trip campaign, with Pacific Coast Way topping the list.  

The 1800 km drive from Brisbane to Cairns was a clear favourite, scoring 2012 votes, almost 500 votes ahead of the other trips featured.

Runners up included the scenic Sunshine Coast Hinterland drive from Brisbane to Montville and the epic Savannah Way trip across the top of Australia, from Cairns to Adels Grove.

The campaign highlighted the 10 best on and off-road adventures across the state, including short weekend drives, challenging off-road and long-distance journeys. Here are the top 10 road trips in Queensland as voted by you.

Queensland road trip   Number of votes  
 1. Pacific Coast Way    2012
 2. Sunshine Coast Hinterland    1499
 3. Savannah Way  1258
 4. Big Red  857
 5. Matilda Way  853
 6. The Bloomfield Track  826
 7. 75 Mile Beach  801
 8. Gold Coast Hinterland  740
 9. Southern Country Way  523
 10. Overlander's Way


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Image by Apollo Motorhome Holidays.