Take this beast on safari

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This has been an unprecedented year for all of us. I hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy and staying positive. At times like these it’s important that we all support each other and continue to lift the spirits of those who are facing health and financial challenges. Many in the MS community are at risk and need extra care to stay safe. So, thank you for your ongoing support. Buying a ticket in our lottery makes an enormous difference in their lives.  

We are also aware that focusing on a brighter future is important. That’s why we have chosen the ultimate getaway car for this draw. The Mercedes-Benz GLC43 Coupe is the kind of car that gets you thinking about escaping a world in lockdown, going on safari, making your own rules and doing whatever you want. Can you picture that day? It could be just around the corner. And when you do take off, this is the car you want to be driving… especially when it comes with $30,000 cash in your pocket!

Head to the MS Limited Edition website to purchase your tickets to win the Mercedes-Benz GLC43 Coupe! 

The draw will take place on 4 September 2020. Proceeds support Queenslanders living with multiple sclerosis and other neurological conditions.