Teewah beach adventure

Hitting the sand for one of Queensland's best adventures

The first time you see it, you’ll be amazed. 

The coloured sands of Rainbow Beach glow in the bright morning sunlight, reflecting splatters of orange, pinks and reds onto the nearby beach front. It can be seen from miles away, like giant waves of glittering sand. It is a brilliant sight, a postcard moment. Picture perfect. The journey doesn’t begin here, though. 

Some 60 kilometres to the south sits the bustling hub of Noosa, a fantastic spot in its own right. But if you’ve got a sense of adventure in your blood, the real fun begins just to the north of town at Tewantin where you board the ferry to the north shore. It’s a service that operates all year round, departing every 10 minutes or so. This ferry provides the only car access to what is possibly the finest beach in Queensland – Teewah. 

Once you’ve been offloaded from the ferry, its best to let air out of your tyres to to allow your vehicle to have a larger footprint for sand driving. Having a four-wheel-drive with plenty of clearance is also a must for this journey. Hitting the sand for the first time is a great feeling, a sensation that feels very different to regular road driving. 
Ahead of you on the beach is fifty straight kilometres of open sand – a sand highway of sorts – that leads directly to Double Island Point. Some of the area is not designated for camping but, if you’ve happened to bring a swag, plenty of tucker and your fishing rod, you can turn your day trip into a fantastic weekend getaway.

From signed locations onwards, you are free to camp amongst the dunes. There is an abundance of sites to choose from with the dunes providing some protection from the elements. It’s a great spot to unwind, take in nature and even have a fish. The sea, after all, is right at your doorstep. If you’re brave enough, climbing the nearby hillside will reward you with stunning views of the ocean (and maybe even some phone service). 

If you don’t get all your thrills driving along the beach, try your hand a a few of the inland tracks. The entries and exits to these roads can be very soft and boggy so ensure you travel with plenty of momentum to get you through the harder sections. Don’t worry, you’ll most likely have a huge grin on your face. Sand driving truly is as good as it gets!

As you arrive at the northern end of Teewah Beach, the inland Leisha Track will take you over to Rainbow Beach, possibly the most picturesque spot of your whole trip. Here you’ll see the beautiful coloured sands reflecting out in the sunlight. This little bay is the perfect spot to set up the BBQ for an on-the-spot lunch or to have a swim in the calm water. 

If you make your way around to the coloured sands, you’ll meet a rocky section that is unpassable on high tide. Make sure you only attempt this crossing when it is safe to do so – failing to take caution could result in serious damage to your vehicle. 

You’ll soon reach the small town of Rainbow Beach, a great spot to grab a bite to eat or put some fuel in the tank (there aren’t too many fuel stations in this part of the world). If you have more time on your hands, it is well worth travelling north to Inskip Point and even venturing as far as Fraser Island. This region is as good as it gets if you love the outdoors. 

Teewah and Rainbow beaches offer a perfect getaway, in a hidden paradise that many Queenslanders simply don’t know about. Whether it’s just for the day or a weekend, Teewah offers plenty for the whole family to enjoy.