The pros and cons of camper trailers

Camper trailers are a simple option for those who don’t want to tow a caravan.

A camper trailer is basically a tent that pulls out of a trailer and pegs into the ground. The trailer itself is the sleeping space. The trailer can be towed by either a 2WD or a 4WD, but if you’re going off-road use a 4WD. If you’re considering buying a camper-trailer, one of the best ways to learn about them is to rent one. Here are some of the pros and cons by rental company Camplify:


  • Cheaper to hire than a caravan or motorhome.
  • Easier and safer to tow than a conventional caravan.
  • Better fuel consumption than a caravan when towing.
  • Can be a lot easier to pitch than a normal tent of the same size.
  • Easy to increase the size of the living/sleeping space by adding an awning.
  • Beds are ready-made and are raised off the ground.
  • Feels like you’re closer to nature and can take in the smells and sounds.
  • Access more locations with the ability to off-road because of the size and weight.
  • There’s usually some storage where you can keep your camping equipment.
  • Quick to pack up, hitch up and go.


  • Although quicker than a conventional tent, it can still take some time to set up and pack up.
  • There’s less storage space than larger caravans or RVs.
  • Not all versions have a toilet or shower, so be sure to check.
  • Less privacy as the walls are canvas and easy to look/hear through.
  • Not so great in high wind or rain.