Tips for the perfect road trip

Here are some tips to help make sure your trip goes smoothly.

Road trips can be some of the best memories you will ever have. A well-planned road trip is simply even better. Here are some tips to help make sure your trip goes smoothly.

Pick the right vehicle

Choosing the right car for the job will depend on the sort of trip you are going to take. Will you be going off-road at any point in time? Do you need more space for luggage and supplies? If you’ll be doing neither, perhaps a smaller, more efficient car would be perfect for the job. That way you spend less on fuel and more on other things that you need.

Utilise maps

Google maps or a GPS will be your best friend on a road trip. Not only will it lead you to where you want to go but tell you how long it’ll take as well. Maps will also come in handy for finding nearby accommodation and food as well as all important fuel stops. You can also plan routes and itineraries with apps such as Google Maps so make sure you do so before starting your journey. Pack a real map, too, just in case. 

Create your own playlist

Music and the open road go together brilliantly. There is nothing worse than setting off on a big trip only to realise you have no good music to pass the time. Jump onto an app like Spotify or Apple Music before your big trip and make a playlist of all your favourite tunes. These apps also provide podcasts which can be great to listen to on a long journey. 

Be spontaneous 

Don’t just take the same old route as everyone else. Make sure you try and take the path less travelled wherever you can and search for interesting locations to discover. Your dedicated map applications will help you with this. Believe me, you will have a better road trip because of it. 


Make sure that if you are travelling far and wide and away from cellular phone service, you also pack a satellite phone. This does apply more for off-roaders who will be spending much more time off the grid but if you want to be safe and let your loved ones know where you are, a sat phone is the perfect tool.

Pack smart

There is little point packing three jumpers for a trip or taking an extra two pieces of luggage with you. If you don’t need it, don’t bring it. You will, for one, save space in the car for other necessities and, two, make the car more efficient by carrying less weight on board. This will help immensely with fuel costs. It might not seem like much now, but those costs do add up. 

Get a service

Before you go anywhere, make sure that your car has been properly serviced. That means checking air filters and replacing oil and transmission fluids. Also check that your tyres have sufficient tread and that your brakes are operating as they should be. The last thing that you want on a road trip is to come across any kind of mechanical problems that may stop you in your tracks. 

Take plenty of breaks

One of the biggest killers on our roads is fatigue. People get carried away with their driving and don’t realise how long they have been travelling. Before they know it, they are asleep at the wheel and putting not just themselves but everyone else in the car in danger. The best solution to fatigue is to take regular breaks, every two hours or so, and, if possible, share the driving with someone else.