Tips to reduce your pet costs

Easy ways to plan for upfront and ongoing expenses for your furry friend.

The costs of owning a pet can add up if you don’t manage the upfront and ongoing expenses into your household budget. Here are some tips to reduce your pet costs.

Adopt your pet from a shelter

By adopting a pet through Animal Welfare League Queensland (AWLQ) you will not only save money, but give a stray or surrendered animal a new home. The money you spend will go towards supporting the organisation which cares for and rehomes more than 10,000 abandoned, stray and surrendered animals each year. Plus, all pets are desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and treated for flea and worm prevention. RACQ offers pet owners three months’ free pet insurance when they either adopt an eligible pet from AWLQ or are a customer of an AWLQ vet clinic.

Groom and bath your pet yourself

Save money by giving your pet a bath at home, rather than paying someone else to do it. Invest in a pair of clippers and teach yourself how to trim their coat or nails. Here are some tips for washing cats.

Take advantage of specials

The best way to avoid a trip to the vet is to ensure your pet is happy and healthy. Provide your pet with regular exercise, a good diet and dental care to maintain your pet’s health and avoid complications later in their life.

Consider pet insurance

Pets quickly become members of the family, therefore it’s reassuring to know they are covered when the unpredictable happens. Having pet insurance can save you a lot of money on vet costs, emergency boarding and other injury or illness expenses.  Save $50 per pet when they buy RACQ Pet Insurance online and gain access to other membership benefits.

Ask family or friends to pet sit or find pet-friendly accommodation

Whether you’re planning a weekend at the coast or a month-long overseas trip, deciding on the best care for pets while you’re away can be stressful and costly. The costs of booking your pet into a boarding kennel can add up, so ask family and friends if they would be available to care for your pet for you. Ask family or friends if your pet can have a ‘sleepover’ at their house prior to leaving to ensure your pet doesn’t experience anxiety. 

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