Top tips for teens heading back to school

School students around Queensland will be heading back into the classroom next week, so here are a few tips from Year 10 student Ella Eccleston to help kick off the new year.

Organise books and stationery

If you’re like me, you’ll have a box full of books and stationery to sort through. I separate all the books according to my subject areas and label them with my name, subject and year level. I take the easy option and use book covers rather than contact.


If you already have your 2019 timetable, organise the books you’ll need for your first day. This will avoid any last-minute rushing in the morning.


Make sure your uniforms are washed and ironed (or in my case, remind mum or dad to do it!). This includes all compulsory accessories like school ties, badges and hats (you don’t want a uniform detention on day one).


This year, it’s BYOD for me so I need to make sure my laptop is charged, has appropriate anti-virus software and is programmed with all the necessary platforms needed for my curriculum (you may have already done this or will be able to do it during your first week at school).

Eat right

Plan ahead and have healthy snacks ready to pop into your lunchbox. My faves are tuna and crackers, grapes, yoghurt, sandwiches and – although not necessarily healthy – chocolate chip cookies are a must!