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The hottest gadgets coming in 2020.

With a new decade beginning, technology is set to reach new heights with the unveiling of interesting gadgets to soon hit the global market. 

Here are our picks for the latest and greatest electronic gizmos that are on the way.

Foldable smartphones 

Who would have thought that the flip phone would make a resurgence? Samsung has released a small tablet-like device which folds in half, creating a compact package for travel and protecting the screen from damage. The novel idea has created a new space in the mobile phone market, offering the best aspects of both a tablet and phone.

Don’t expect this tech to come cheap though, the Samsung Fold is priced at more than $3000 in Australia. 

Next-generation video game consoles 

Say goodbye to the best-selling Xbox One and Playstation 4, with the newest iterations from both Sony and Microsoft to be released in late 2020 or early 2021. The Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X will be the most powerful video game consoles ever produced by the companies. Expect revolutionary graphics and extraordinary performance from these new devices. 

5G mobile phones 

2020 will see the introduction of the 5G network with major players such as Samsung and Apple soon to be releasing their 5G smart phones. The 5G network will bring faster, high-quality internet to your smartphone with the potential to be more powerful than some of the best home internet connections. Expect mobile phone streaming to become even bigger with the introduction of the faster network. 

Electric scooters 

The introduction of portable electric scooters, including rental services such as Lime and Neuron scooters, has been successful in Australia. Now other brands are jumping on the bandwagon, offering their own versions to private buyers. Segway has unveiled its electric kick scooter, the Ninebot, which requires you to simply push off before its electric motor kicks in to do the hard work. The scooters are becoming more affordable with basic models starting about $500. If you want an efficient way to get to and from work, electric scooters are a great alternative to driving and public transport. 

Tile Bluetooth key trackers 

There is nothing worse than the feeling of losing your car keys right when you need to get to work. Tile sells tiny Bluetooth trackers which you can attach to your car keys or other important items around the house to help you locate them quickly. Simply use the Tile app to call your Tile and follow the alerts to find it and your missing item. If you are always losing things, then Tile will become your best friend.

NURVV Running Insoles 

Forget smart watches when it comes to tracking how you work out. The newest trend is Bluetooth-powered insoles which you place in your shoes that track how you walk, run and work out. The insoles have 32 sensors on each foot which send biometric data to your phone at an incredible 1000 times per second. It’s a new and interesting way to track your fitness progress in a more detailed way than a smartphone or smartwatch. 

Hydraloop water purification system 

Hydraloop attracted lots of attention at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show for its ground-breaking water recycling product which, once installed in your home, takes your household’s greywater and sterilises it to be used in washing machines, toilets, pools and other household appliances. The system could cut the average family’s water usage by more than 45%, taking a huge chunk out of quarterly water bills.