Warming winter styling

Tips to creating a cosy home on a budget.

As you bring your winter woollies out of storage, it’s also a good time to rethink how your home will work for you in the cooler months.

Vault Interiors founder and property stylist Justine Wilson said making a few changes to your living space would help you to make the most of your home during winter.

“Outdoor living spaces will remain popular, while layering, ambient or hygge lighting, and bringing greenery and earthy materials from the outside in will also be key focuses,” Ms Wilson said.

“Some key trends I expect to see this winter are the new accent colours of rich plum, warm apricot, burnt orange through to deep green and olive tones throughout the home.”

Layer for warmth

Ms Wilson said adding layers to your existing decor would provide a cosy atmosphere on a budget.

“Layering is a wonderful styling tool in winter, consider using double rugs, double bed throws, extra cushions and thicker curtains,” she said.

“The more layers and textures you can introduce into your interior the better, as it will help with warmth and also adds to the cosy factor of any space. 

“Faux fur rugs and throws, wool knits and velvets are wonderful styling textures to use in winter.”

Winter colours

Ms Wilson said this season’s trending colours seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor spaces.

“This year we are seeing rich plum tones, warm apricot tones, burnt orange, rust tones and deep green and olive tones,” she said.

“These accent colours take a cue from the changing exterior landscape and will help to bring the outside in.

“Switch out your cushions, throws and accessories to get the look.”


There are many ways to make your outdoor spaces useable in the cooler months. 

“Think about free-standing pergolas, large umbrellas, or shade cloths for a little more protection from the elements,” Ms Wilson said.

“Winter is a great time to have long cosy nights around a fire pit. You can source wood-burning or gas or ethanol options to suit your property’s needs. 

“Plus, add some fun seating like wood stumps or comfy outdoor chairs, and your good to go.”

Light it up

With shorter days and early sunsets, lighting can play a big part in how your home feels.

“Having nice ambient lighting will help your home feel welcoming and pretty, opt for table lamps with warm globes,” Ms Wilson said.

“Pretty outdoor lanterns with candles or LED candles, and inside use candlesticks or candle votives. 

“Candles will help your home smell great and also look pretty.”

You don’t need to spend big to create cosiness.

“A big trend is grouping lots of vintage brass candlesticks on a coffee table, mantle or dining table,” Ms Wilson said. 

“Mix and match styles of candlesticks for a pretty eclectic look, they can be found easily at charity shops. 

“Adding twinkle fairy lights is also a pretty way to bring soft lighting into your space.”

Bring the outdoors in

Winter gardens are host to myriad seasonal blooms and uniquely coloured leaves.

“In winter display seasonal florals or just bunches of greenery to create pretty vignettes or moments on your surfaces,” Ms Wilson said.

“Succulents and eucalypts are great for this time of year, or you can also forage pretty branches from your own garden or bring in potted plants and create little clusters.”