ANZAC Day Parade

ANZAC Day Parade in Brisbane on 25 April 2019.

Brisbane locals will pay their respects to Australia’s brave servicemen and women in the city’s 103rd ANZAC Day parade.The day is not just a public holiday but a time to honour and celebrate.

The ANZAC Day parade started as a celebration of Australia’s service people and has become one of Australia’s most important events which holds a sacred place in many of our hearts.  

“The National Day of Remembrance was initially in recognition of soldiers who fought at Gallipoli during World War I,” RSL Queensland State President Tony Ferris said.

“But it has since evolved as an opportunity to remember and pay tribute to all those who’ve served and died in Australia’s armed forces.”  

This year, the parade will be led by the Royal Australian Navy and recognise the contributions of our Aussie Women in War. 

Women have become more involved in war efforts since the Boer War, in which 60 Australian nurses paid their own way to South Africa to care for our wounded soldiers.

In 1902, the Australian Army Nursing Service of the Australian Imperial Force (AANS AIF) was formed and became an important part of the Australian Army Medical Corps. The 2286 women who joined the AANS AIF for overseas service and their successors throughout the 20th and 21st century have saved countless lives. 

They will march in Group Two of the parade to pay respect to these pioneering women. The parade will begin on George Street at 10am, with participants marching to Creek Street via Adelaide Street. The best spot to view the parade is on Adelaide Street, between George and Creek streets.

Vehicle access will be restricted in the CBD from 3am to 3pm during both the ANZAC Dawn Service and Parade. Public transport and pre-booked parks are recommended.

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