MotorFest winners shine online

The cancellation of RACQ MotorFest 2020, due to COVID-19, could not dampen the spirits of Queensland car lovers who celebrated their shiny wheels in a digital competition.

It's a love affair that has spanned most of his life, and Chris Moy (pictured) continues to reap the rewards of staying committed to keeping his 1955 FJ Holden ute in its original condition.

Chris’s passion for the classic Aussie car stretches back to his childhood and has seen him develop a special bond with his grandfather.

“My grandfather Vic bought the FJ in the early ’80s in Mackay, where he was a motor mechanic, and went on to fully restore it,” Chris said.

“He put the original guards back on it, and the original Grey motor and gearbox as it came from the factory.

“I was probably 11 the first time I saw the FJ at my grandparents’ place and I fell in love with it. Later on, I would go over there and clean it – I just loved that car.”

Then, after his grandfather retired, Chris jumped at the opportunity to buy it and never looked back. 

“In 2009, I pulled it apart and restored it to its original condition – that was important to me, because my grandfather had always kept it original,” he said. 

“It took three years to restore it from the ground up. The chassis and body number all matched, and the colour – Mosman blue –was brought out in 1955, and it remains that colour today.   

“I also fitted a lot of genuine NASCO (National Automotive Service Company) accessories to it from the ’50s. I put an old Air Chief radio in it too – I wanted to make it as authentic as it could be. 

“My grandfather flew down from Mackay and helped me do the wiring, electrics and mechanical things, which was good. The whole project finished in late 2012.” 

Chris’s FJ always turns heads. 

It has won countless competitions and the hearts of many who wave him down when they see him driving down the street. 

And now, Chris’s vehicle has wowed RACQ MotorFest’s panel of judges, being awarded Judges’ Choice and winner of the Australian category in the RACQ MotorFest 2020 online competition. 

With almost 300 entries submitted across nine different categories, our judges spent hours deliberating on which vehicles would take out each category. 

“We were really impressed at the calibre of entries across so many categories – from the Australian category to the classics,” competition judge and RACQ Principal Technical Researcher Russell Manning said.

“And I was surprised at the number of new vehicles I hadn’t ever seen before at the RACQ MotorFest event or in our Top Model competition. 
“It’s just great to see that new blood coming through and that the passion for cars is still alive.” 

Chris, from Morayfield, hopes the work of himself and his grandfather will inspire the next generation to look after what they have and, importantly, our motoring history.

“Restoring this car has been so rewarding and it’s been a bonding experience for me and my grandad,” he said. 

“I hope it’ll be like that for my son one day too. He’s 18 now and I tell him that if you look after things, they last.” 

RACQ MotorFest 2020 winners:

  •  American ,1968 Corvette Stingray, Alan Norsworthy. 
  •  Australian, 1955 FJ Holden ute, Chris Moy.
  • British, 1935 Riley 12/4 Special, Jason Scholz.
  • Classic, 1968 Morris Cooper S, John Shobbrook.
  • European, 1967 Fiat 124 Spider, Michael Polito.
  • Japanese,1984 Isuzu Piazza, Shane Steffen.
  • Motorcycle, 1977 Honda CB750, Simon Taylor.
  • Veteran, 1903 Oldsmobile Model R “Curved Dash”, John Day.
  • Vintage, 1929 Oakland Six sedan, Donald Lake.
  • Judges' Choice, 1955 FJ Holden ute, Chris Moy.

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