Viewpoint December/January 2020/21

A message to members from RACQ President Elizabeth Jameson.

Members, it is a great honour as a proud Queenslander and RACQ Gold member to step into the role of President following Bronwyn Morris successfully completing her three-year term in the role.  

Amidst the many challenges of 2020, I have also experienced some positive revelations. One was reminding myself first-hand of the extraordinary treasures that many of us in Queensland perhaps take for granted.  

My partner and I travelled recently to the far north of the state.  

We were amazed by the exceptional rainforests of the Daintree (the most ancient by far in the world) and marvelled at the unique and precious Great Barrier Reef – both ancient wonders stretching well back into the time of our First Nations Australians.

Now they are treasures for modern-day Queenslanders to protect and preserve for future generations.

It is my commitment to RACQ’s members that we, your board, will likewise protect and preserve our great 115-year-old Club on your behalf.  

Striving to place members at the centre of all our deliberations, we follow in the tradition of many generations of boards.

Under Bronwyn’s leadership, we have taken a fresh view of what it means to always put members at the forefront – seeking always to understand the expectations and needs of our members in an increasingly complex world.  

Whilst I am confident that our hard-working and dedicated team at RACQ always strive to “get it right” for our members the first time, my door remains open as President to hear from you at any time if you feel they do not.