RACQ Bank helps Qlders go green at 0.79 percent p.a.


 RACQ has made it easier for Queenslanders to buy and install clean energy products, launching its RACQ Bank Green Home Loan.

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RACQ Group Executive Banking Michelle Winzer said a recent RACQ survey found 75 percent of Queenslanders had made efforts to reduce electricity consumption and 44 percent were interested in a specific loan to make sustainable improvements to their home.

“Our members have told us renewable energy is important to them, so we’ve introduced a Green Home Loan to help RACQ Bank mortgage holders purchase and install clean energy products in their homes,” Ms Winzer said.

“The Green Home Loan can be used to purchase solar panels, battery packs, solar or heat pump hot water systems and electric vehicle charging stations and at a low 0.79 percent p.a. we’re making sustainability more affordable.” 

Ms Winzer said the Green Home Loan – which would be available for loans ranging from $3,000 to $50,000 – could be used to purchase products from accredited Clean Energy Council (CEC) retailers and installers. 

“By using accredited retailers and installers, it helps ensure our members are charged a fair price for a quality product,” she said. 

“A CEC approved retailer provides a five year whole-of-system warranty so if you have an issue, the retailer will take care of any warranty issues on behalf of the customer.”

Ms Winzer said members interested in clean energy for their home should contact RACQ Bank.

“Whether you’re an existing home loan member, a new home buyer or plan to refinance your mortgage with RACQ Bank, we can help you to take advantage of the benefits of clean energy at home.” 

More information on RACQ Bank’s loan products could be found here.

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