Drivers urged to fill up with cheap fuel now after record highs

RACQ has revealed Brisbane fuel prices reached the highest ever monthly average in September prompting a warning for drivers to fill the tank now, while fuel was cheap.
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Spokesperson Renee Smith said the Club’s latest Fuel Price Report showed the average monthly cost of unleaded in Brisbane soared to an all-time high of 159.8 cents per litre (cpl) in September.

“Staggeringly, when reviewing the monthly average, Brisbane drivers were charged up to 17cpl more at the bowser than motorists in other cities last month,” Ms Smith said. 

“We saw records smashed in September with Brisbane drivers paying a daily average of 173.4cpl at one stage – and that’s resulted in the monthly average also hitting a record.

“Right now though the south east is currently in the cheap phase of the petrol price cycle meaning average daily prices have dropped from record highs just a few weeks ago to around 150cpl. 

“We’re urging drivers to make the most of the cheap fuel while it lasts as it’s not going to stick around.”

Ms Smith said the perfect storm of factors which led to both record daily and monthly average prices would continue to have an impact in the coming months.

“We’re still seeing an increase in demand for oil, along with the OPEC cartel manipulating production and this pushes up oil prices,” she said. 

“Frustratingly for Queenslanders, when combined with the south east’s regular petrol cycle, it could mean we’ll see prices surge and records broken again in October.”

Ms Smith said it was more important than ever for drivers to do their research before heading to the bowser.

“Being able to access real time fuel price information is so valuable – especially in this current climate,” she said. 

“Drivers should use apps like RACQ’s Fair Fuel Finder to locate the best deals in their area and fill the tank when they spot a good price. 

“With the power at your fingertips you can avoid wasting time driving around in search of a good deal and stop getting caught out paying more than you should at the pump.”

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