Slow down and be vigilant in school zones: RACQ

RACQ has pleaded with drivers to be extra cautious around school zones as thousands of children returned to the classroom for the beginning of the school year.
school speed signs

Club spokesperson Clare Hunter reminded motorists to stick to the 40 kilometre per hour (km/h) speed limit around schools on weekdays from 7-9am and 2-4pm.

“We’ve all had a good break and haven’t had to consider school zones during the holidays, so we’re reminding everyone to slow down now that students are back at school,” Ms Hunter said.

“Children don’t have the same road sense and awareness as adults, so it’s up to motorists to be alert, especially around school zones where excited children can be unpredictable.

“Speeding can have tragic consequences. Getting a fine is one thing, but hitting a child, or any road user, is another, so we’re urging drivers to be extra vigilant and slow down during those pick up and drop off times.”

Ms Hunter warned parents and carers to also plan for busier traffic conditions and encouraged them to park in a spot where it was safe for children to cross the road.

Please make sure your children are entering and exiting the car using the door closest to the curb, so they’re not stepping out into traffic,” she said.

“Never call your children to the car from across a road, it’s always much safer to cross the road to meet them.

“We know the return to school can be a frantic time, so we want all motorists to keep a close eye out for little ones.”

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