Digital licences soon to upload

RACQ has welcomed news motorists could soon store their licences on their smartphones after a successful trial and regulation changes paved the way for Queenslanders to ditch their physical licences.
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Courier Mail reported the State Government was yet to set a date for when the new technology would be deployed, despite the recent Fraser Coast trial proving successful with 94 percent of participants satisfied with the scheme.

Recent law changes allowed driver licences, along with photo identification cards, recreational marine driver licences, personal watercraft licences to be used in an approved digital licence app on a smartphone.

RACQ spokesperson Lauren Ritchie said the technology would mean drivers could use their smartphones to store their licence and show it to police when requested.

“Last year’s pilot involved more than 750 residents and 120 businesses in the Fraser Coast region who displayed their IDs and licences on a smartphone app,” Ms Ritchie said.

“It’s not been confirmed when the technology will roll out across Queensland but the recent regulatory changes mean we’re one step closer to the added convenience that drivers in other States have enjoyed.

“Motorists will be relieved the Queensland digital licence app includes security and privacy features– because it’s crucial we get the security right to protect our personal information.”

Ms Ritchie said the Club was pleased the technology would not be mandatory.

“Drivers don’t have to adopt the technology either, it’s optional - so anyone who wants to keep their physical licence is entitled to.”

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