School zones in place in midst of shock road toll

As students returned to the classrooms RACQ has reminded drivers to take extra care on the roads, with reduced speed zones in place from Monday.
School zone road sign
RACQ spokesperson Clare Hunter said 40 km/h speed limits now applied in on school days.

“With school zones in place it’s crucial motorists are alert and stick to the 40 km/h speed limit between 7-9am and 2-4pm on weekdays,” Ms Hunter said.

“Children don’t have the same spatial awareness as adults and learning about how to safely cross the road takes time to learn so it is up to motorists to remain vigilant and prepare for anything when entering these zones.

“School drop off and pick up can be extremely busy and at times frantic, so we’re pleading with everyone to do all they can to avoid more tragedy on our roads.”

Ms Hunter said the road safety warning came following a spate of motorcyclist crashes across Queensland at the weekend and news the road toll had risen to 84 lives lost.

RACQ LifeFlight crews airlifted three motorbike riders in a 24-hour period and given 25 motorbike riders have been lost in road crashes this year, we’re extremely concerned,” she said.

“From the far north to our borders road crashes are claiming lives at an alarming rate, with 84 lives lost since January, well above the 59 killed last year, something has got to change.

“Road safety is everyone’s responsibility. So whether you’re behind the wheel or handle bars we’re asking you to stick to the speed limit, wear the appropriate safety gear, buckle up and don’t hit the road fatigued, distracted or under the influence.”

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