'Left turn on red' scheme to be scrapped

RACQ has warned motorists to keep their wits about them at intersections after the State Government moved to scrap a program allowing drivers to turn left on a red traffic light.
Traffic sign for Left Turn on Red
The Courier Mail reported the left turn on red (LTOR) signals would be removed at 17 intersections across Brisbane following a State Government review of the trial scheme. 

RACQ spokesperson Lauren Ritchie said LTOR was first trialled to reduce delays at certain intersections, but the results indicated pedestrian and cyclist safety was put at risk for little time-savings benefits. 

“Under LTOR rules, motorists can turn left at a red light after coming to a complete stop and giving way to other vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists at specific intersections,” Ms Ritchie said.

“But the trial has been ongoing for eight years so many local drivers may have become accustomed to making the manoeuvre at their local intersection. 

“It will take a little time for motorists to get used to the changes, so we implore the State Government ensure there is plenty of signage and education before any fines are issued.” 

Ms Ritchie said infrastructure upgrades at busy intersections should be considered in lieu of LTOR to alleviate congestion around Brisbane. 

“These LTOR turns did deliver some time-savings but there are safer ways to minimise delays and protect vulnerable road users like cyclists and pedestrians,” she said.

“The State Government and Council should be looking to install left turn slip lanes or green left turn arrows at those intersections to resolve congestion without compromising safety.”

The following ‘Left Turn on Red Signs’ slated for removal 

Ascot: Kitchener Road Ascot: Kitchener Road (southern leg) into Lancaster Road
Belmont: Meadowlands Road into Belmont Road
Coopers Plains: Beaton Street into Orange Grove Road
Chermside: Milburn Street into Webster Road
Deagon: Adams Street into Board Street
Moorooka: Durack Street into Ipswich Road
Murarrie: Edge Street into Creek Road
Paddington: Given Terrace into Fernberg Road
Runcorn: Archives Avenue into Compton Road
Stafford: Billabong Street into Webster Road
Stafford: Wilgarning Street into Webster Road
Stafford: Wolverhampton Street into Webster Road
Sunnybank: Wynne Street into Beenleigh Road
Taigum: Muller Road (southern leg) into Beams Road
The Gap: Payne Road into Waterworks Road
Upper Mount Gravatt: Delavan Street into Newnham Road
Wavell Heights: Newman Road into Hamilton Road.

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