Toyota recalls popular Hilux model over fire fears

Drivers of a particular 2020 Toyota Hilux model have been caught up in a nation-wide recall over concerns a power wire fault could cause a fire.
Stock image of Toyota Hilux

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission had recalled 683 Toyota Hilux Rogue (GUN126) warning the power wire for the cargo roller cover may be routed incorrectly and may chafe against the battery clamp post, which could cause it to short circuit.

RACQ spokesperson Lauren Ritchie said anyone who owned an affected vehicle needed to contact their dealer as soon as possible.

“If a short circuit does occur, it may cause the vehicle to catch alight, which obviously increases the risk of serious injury or much worse, not only to the driver but other road users,” Ms Ritchie said.

“Toyota will be contacting affected owners requesting they make an appointment to fix the problem free of charge.

“If you are concerned, and haven’t heard from Toyota, please contact the Toyota Recall helpline or your local dealership.”

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