Mandatory number plate labels for electric and hydrogen vehicle owners by October

RACQ has warned drivers of electric, hybrid and hydrogen vehicles to ensure they had the correct label displayed on their vehicle’s number plate, with grace period due to end.
EV label number plate
Club spokesperson Lauren Ritchie said owners with these types of vehicles built after 1 January 2019 were required to display a specific label on their number plates to alert emergency services of the risks in the event of a crash.  

“These vehicles present a unique set of hazards during certain rescue situations, so by October this year they must have labels as a safety measure,” Ms Ritchie said.

“In line with other States, labels for electric and hybrid vehicles must be a blue reflective triangle with the letters EV in the centre and need to be fixed to both the rear and front number plates.

“For hydrogen vehicles, the label is a bright reflective yellow with the letter H in the centre.

“Most drivers will be aware there has been labelling requirements for LPG and CNG vehicles for many years, so these labels for EV vehicles simply reflect the newer, alternative fuel source we now have available.”

Ms Ritchie said drivers would need to purchase the labels from the Motor Trades Association of Queensland (MTAQ).

“MTAQ will have the new labels available for immediate delivery from 5 July, but they can also be pre-ordered via its website,” she said.

“The Department for Transport and Main Roads has contacted owners of vehicles built after 1 January 2019 to notify them of their obligation to display these labels. 

“Anyone buying an electric, hybrid or hydrogen vehicle built since 1 January 2019 should ensure the labels have been fitted by the dealer before taking delivery of the car.

“Dealers are aware of these requirements, so we expect to see sellers fitting the labels during the registration process.

“While vehicles built before this date aren’t required to have labels, we encourage owners to fit them to protect first responders in the event of a crash.” 

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