Wide Bay roads and towns cut after 650mm of rain


RACQ has predicted the number of roads cut by the major flooding event in the Wide Bay will grow ‘significantly’ from the 100 already shut after the region experienced more rain in 24 hours than Cyclone Yasi. 

At least one person has already died from trying to cross flooded roads, while the Bruce Highway at Tiaro and Burnett Highway at Goomeri remain closed to traffic in all directions after more than 670 millimetres (mm) of rain fell in some parts of the Wide Bay Burnett region.

RACQ spokesperson Lauren Ritchie said no one should be travelling on the roads if they could avoid it.

“We haven’t seen a rain event quite like this before and the sheer amount has caused significant damage to the road network and we expect will cut hundreds of roads for several days,” Ms Ritchie said.

“Cyclone Yasi had between 200-300mm of rain in the first 24 hours, this is nearly more than three times as much.

“Sadly, the swift water rescue team has been called to at least 31 incidents from stranded motorists and residents in flood waters and one person has already died trying to drive through a flooded road.

“We say it time and time again, but please, do not attempt to cross flood waters. There is no safe way to do it.

“It takes just 30 centimetres of water for a car to be washed off the road and we’ve had far more water than that fall in the area, with predictions even more rain is coming.

“Motorists can check their route before leaving home by visiting the RACQ Road Conditions website.”

Ms Ritchie said that people in the firing line for flooding should be preparing their homes now and enacting their emergency plans.

“The time to prepare your home is quickly closing. Please listen to the authorities and if they call for an evacuation don’t hesitate to leave your home,” she said.

“If you have been impacted by the severe weather and need to make a claim, be rest assured that all RACQ members are covered for flood as standard in their policy.

“To make a claim head online to RACQ’s website or call us on 13 7202.” 

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