Gold Coast Smart Shuttle Trial launches at Main Beach


The RACQ Smart Shuttle has hit the road at Main Beach on the Gold Coast marking the start of the city’s first autonomous vehicle trial. 

RACQ Smart Shuttle Gold Coast 935
RACQ Head of Public Policy Susan Furze said the fully electric, self-driving vehicle would travel along a 2.4km route, which includes Tedder Avenue, Main Beach Parade and Breaker Street.

“After two successful trials at Karragarra Island and Raby Bay, we’re eager to better understand how this autonomous vehicle technology can be safely integrated into a busier live-traffic environment and its potential to fulfil future transport needs,” Ms Furze said.

“The RACQ Smart Shuttle will use sophisticated sensors to detect objects and navigate along the route at a maximum speed of 18km/h, stopping at seven stops to drop off and pick up passengers every 30 minutes.

“We’ll be monitoring how the vehicle interacts with other road users, as well as existing transport services in the area.”

Ms Furze said the RACQ Smart Shuttle, which is an EasyMile EZ10 Gen 2, would always have a chaperone on board to ensure the vehicle operated safely and to answer questions from passengers. 

“The free service will operate between 11am and 3pm, seating between four to six passengers, depending on COVID-19 protocols,” she said.

“This is the only vehicle of its type operating a transport passenger service in Queensland, so we’re extremely excited to learn as much as we can from this emerging technology and we encourage locals and visitors to hop on board.”

For more information about the RACQ Smart Shuttle visit the RACQ website or for details on the Gold Coast Smart Shuttle Trial, visit

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