Licence rules reinstated for senior drivers in Queensland


RACQ has urged Queenslanders aged 75 and over to ensure they hold a current medical certificate, after the requirement was paused at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

RACQ Dave Terry speaking at the roadshow high res

From 1 August 2022, drivers aged 75 and over must carry an up-to-date medical certificate, issued by their GP, at all times when behind the wheel.

RACQ Education Officer Dave Terry said health checks every year were important to help keep everyone safe. 

“Driving safely relies on good perception, judgement, and physical capability. As you get older, some of these things can become impaired – increasing the risk of being involved in a crash,” Mr Terry said.

“That’s why, if you’ve just turned 75 or older, it’s so important to speak to your GP and ensure you have a current medical certificate before you get behind the wheel.

“You’ll need to keep the certificate with you while driving, or you could face a fine.” 

Mr Terry said RACQ is committed to helping educate Queenslanders of all ages become safer drivers and understand licensing rules and requirements, including through its Years Ahead program which is designed for seniors.

“Most people get their Learner’s licence when they are 16 or 17 and don’t do any refresher course after that. Years Ahead helps older motorists learn about recent changes to the Queensland road rules, as well as being aware of their own capabilities,” Mr Terry said.

“We also guide participants through the process of when they do need to hang up their car keys. It can be daunting, so we look at what services or alternative transport options are available in their area to help seniors stay active and involved in their community.”


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