Is that refund message really from RACQ?


In the coming months, current and former RACQ members may receive correspondence from the Club regarding a refund as part of the pricing promises review.

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This review identified members who did not receive the full benefit of discounts, and members who had insurance policies with Product Disclosure Statement wording that inadequately described how premiums were calculated for optional benefits.

The Club is in the process of issuing refunds and to ensure we have the correct details, some members may be contacted via letter, email or text message before refunds are processed.

If you’re eligible for a refund we will contact you. Any correspondence from RACQ about the pricing promises review will always direct members to where they can access the refund form.

Details provided in the online refund form will be sent to us securely. We will never ask you for personal or financial information through an email or text message.

If you’re unsure whether an email, letter, text or phone call is from RACQ, please do not provide your bank account details or click on any links or attachments.

Instead, contact us immediately on 1800 637 013 between 8am-6pm, Monday to Friday or visit your nearest RACQ store.


How to receive your refund:

  • Type ‘’ into your browser. Never click a link in a message.
  • Have your ‘Refund ID’ ready. You will find this on the letter attached to the email you received or on the letter you received in the post.
  • Click on the ‘Refund form’ button.
  • Follow the prompts to supply your bank account details.

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