Charging your car battery


If your car won't start we've got tips on how you can recharge your battery and get going again.

charging a car battery

How to charge a car battery

Your battery's main purpose is to get the engine started. When your engine sounds sluggish or it's not catching at all, most times a discharged battery is the culprit. We've got some tips on how to charge a car battery so the heart of your car stays pumping.

Does your battery need to be charged?

If you turn your key and … nothing happens, it's likely you've got a discharged battery. To avoid being caught out there's some ways you can tell your battery might fail before it does:

  • Your engine takes a while to start
  • The check engine light comes on
  • The battery looks bloated, it's leaking or it's got low battery fluid (if possible).

Depending on the state of your car battery it could pay to do a quick recharge. If the battery looks a little worse for wear, it may be time to get a new battery.

Charging a car battery

Follow our tips on how to use a car battery charger:

  • Check your battery for wear and tear and check the battery fluid is topped up (if possible). If the battery's damaged – get a new one, rather than a charger
  • Different chargers work on different batteries. Find your battery type and you'll know what battery charger to get
  • If possible, turn off all electrics and lock the vehicle
  • Follow the manufacturer instructions. Some chargers need the battery removed to work, others just need cell caps removed. Even if you've charged a battery before, follow the instructions to keep everyone safe

Once the charger is connected it can take up to 24 hours to fully charge a flat battery.Modern smart chargers have a light to indicate when the battery is fully charged.

Jump starting your car

If you're stranded and need a jump-start you can call Roadside Assistance to get going again. It can pay to have a professional come out who can diagnose if it's a flat battery or something more sinister.

Take home tips on charging a car battery

  • Always check your battery is clean and without leaks, cracks and bulges. Simple car battery maintenance can keep your battery in good condition
  • Choose the right battery charger for your battery size
  • If your battery is looking worse for wear, get a new battery
  • Follow manufacturer instructions, even if you've used a battery charger before

Remember, it can take a full 24 hours to charge a flat battery. Modern smart chargers have a light to indicate when the battery is fully charged.

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