Hyundai’s Ioniq 6 EV ready for take-off

New EV boasts sleek lines and eco-friendly features.
Hyundai Inoiq 6 EV side view.

Hyundai has revealed its sleek new Ioniq 6 electric vehicle.

Boasting a look not dissimilar to those flying cars in the 1960s American TV series The Jetsons, Hyundai described the second model in its Ioniq EV line-up as an “electrified streamliner”.

Hyundai said the Ioniq 6 was aerodynamically sculpted to reduced drag and made with “innovative use of sustainable materials to reflect today’s EV customers’ values”, including the use of recycled fishing net for carpet.

“Ioniq 6 connects an emotional convergence of functionality with aesthetics,” Executive Vice President and Head of Hyundai Design Centre SangYup Lee said.

Hyundai Inoiq 6 EV front view.

“The distinctive streamlined design is the result of close cooperation between engineers and designers, with obsessive attention to detail and customer-centric values at the core.

“We have created the Ioniq 6 as a mindful cocoon that offers personalized place for all."

The Ioniq 6 looks nothing like its predecessor, Ioniq 5, and continues Hyundai’s design strategy of giving each model a unique appearance.

“By taking a customer-centric direction, Hyundai designs with diverse lifestyles in mind rather than with a one-style-fits-all approach,” Hyundai said in a media release.

Hyundai Inoiq 6 EV side view.

“The aerodynamically sculpted silhouette with simple yet sensuous curves offers a new typology for the EV mobility era.”

Like those space-age vehicles in The Jetsons, the Ioniq 6 looks capable of flight with its jet-like sleek, aerodynamic look.

Its low nose, active air flaps at the front, wheel gap reducers and optional slim digital side mirrors reduce are all designed to reduce drag levels.

Further aiding Ioniq 6’s enviable aerodynamic aptitude is its elliptical wing-inspired spoiler with winglet, slight boat-tail structure, and separation traps on both sides of the rear bumper. 

Hyundai Inoiq 6 EV rear view.

Even underneath the car, the aim to achieve better aerodynamics is evident in the full cover of the undercarriage, optimized deflectors and reduced wheel-arch gap.

Ioniq 6’s cocoon-shaped interior serves as both a comfortable hideaway and personal space, replete with practical features and sustainable materials to facilitate a mindful, eco-friendly mobility experience and lifestyle.

The interior architecture features an ergonomically designed control unit that is centrally located to reduce distraction and encourage safe, intuitive driving.

The modular touchscreen dashboard integrates a 12-inch full-touch infotainment display and 12-inch digital cluster. 

Hyundai Inoiq 6 EV interior view.

In line with Ioniq 6’s “ethical uniqueness” theme and inspired by eco-conscious consumers, the designers applied sustainable materials to the exterior, including recycled pigment paint from end-of-life tyres to the cladding and bamboo charcoal pigment paint to the body.

IONIQ 6’s interior is also trimmed in sustainable materials and colours.

These include eco-process leather (seats), recycled PET fabric (seats), bio TPO skin (dashboard), bio PET fabric (headliner), bio paint derived from vegetable oils (doors), and recycled fishing net carpet.

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