Travel service makes tropical north more accessible


Tourists with special needs get access to support for a better holiday experience.

Two people enjoy lunch at Cairns Aquarium.

A travel service has been launched in Cairns to help visitors with mobility challenges or health concerns get the most out of their trip to tropical north Queensland.

Out There Travel Care’s range of services includes support on a selection of tours and activities between Cairns and Port Douglas, respite care tailored for individuals and primary carers and support for travellers’ daily needs at their accommodation.

“Our region has so much to offer, but it requires getting out there to experience it,” Out There Travel Care General Manager Kevin Field said. 

“If we can help travellers to our paradise get more from their holiday, we have done a great thing.”

Business Development Manager Sharon Salvestrin said research had shown there was high demand for the services offered by Out There Travel Care.

“The study showed that 1.3 million Australians require care or assistance for day-to-day activities, representing 6.2% of the population, and 855,000 Australians serve as primary carers,” Ms Salvestin said. 

“Our research also showed that 5.1% of all domestic travellers to tropical north Queensland, totalling 71,000 domestic travellers annually, require regular care and support during their everyday lives.

“There are 71,000 tourists that visit Cairns each year with a disability or who are elderly and yet there has never been this service available for visitors to get out there and experience all we have to offer.” 

Out There Travel Care’s team of qualified travel carers provide care and support services tailored to visitors with mobility challenges and health concerns and designed to make the region’s iconic tourism experiences more accessible and enjoyable. 

Three levels of service are offered: 

  • Assisted Tours offers care support on a selection of tours and activities from Cairns to Port Douglas.  A qualified carer will join the travel party for a day on the reef, in the rainforest or in and around the region.
  • Respite Care provides destination-specific care services tailored to the individual and designed not only to allow the primary carer a day off to relax and explore the region, but also to create a memorable day in the tropics full of the individual’s interests and passions.
  • Personal Care provides professional support for daily personal care needs or emergency care after a holiday incident at any time of the day or night in the comfort of the traveller’s accommodation.

Anyone wanting to book an Out There Travel Care service should phone 07 4255 6888 or email 


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