The most hassle-free family holiday you can take

Road Trip

A holiday is a fabulous way to unwind and take a break from the madness of running a family but organising the holiday can often come with excess costs and require tons of organising.

Family eating a picnic outside their Apollo campervan

Your holiday should be easy to arrange and not feel like work while you’re on it.

A motorhome holiday is a perfect opportunity for taking a break with the family, exploring new places and bringing rewarding adventures into your trip. 

Not only is arranging a motorhome holiday with Apollo easy but it can also mean fewer extra costs compared with holidays involving flights, hotels and pet care.

Apollo has plenty of larger vehicles that can sleep between four and six people, plus you can bring your pet along.

No need to feel guilty about leaving your furry friend behind and forget the exorbitant fees that kennels often come with. Just throw the whole family into the van and hit the road. 

In this unique travel style, your kids can create their own fun with endless new stimuli that the road trip will provide. 

You’ll be constantly pulling up at new viewpoints, parks and campsites so they’ll never run out of things to do.

Forget the iPads and watch them be as present as ever, while you relax knowing they’re entertained and safely by your side. 

There are limitless places to explore in this beautiful country we call home and you’ll build memories to last a lifetime when you choose the van life.

Booking your family motorhome holiday is easy  – just pick your dates, make your booking, and start counting down until pick up.

We’ll see you on the road!

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