Three unforgettable wildlife experiences in Queensland

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Australia is home to unique native flora and fauna with more than 80 percent of our plants, mammals, reptiles and frogs found nowhere else in the world.

Baby turtles heading into the ocean

One of the popular appeals of travelling Australia, whether you’re a domestic or international traveller, is the chance to see these interesting creatures in the wild.

There are tonnes of wildlife encounters to be had all over, but even within Queensland you can try these three unforgettable animal experiences. 


Mon Repos is a beach in the city of Bundaberg. Slightly more famous for its iconic rum, the turtles of Mon Repos are one of the city’s biggest tourism draws. You can take a tour to witness mama turtles laying their eggs and nesting or you can view the baby hatchlings making their treacherous journey to the ocean’s shore. If you time it right, you might see hundreds of hatchlings beginning their life with a fight and trust us when we say it will be a magical experience. Add a stop in Bundy on your next camper road trip.


Foreigners have an immediate association with Australia and crocodiles, but have you ever seen one? If you’re not from the tropics, and even then, chances are you probably haven’t! These living dinosaurs are good at hiding, but in the Daintree, you’ll find tour providers who can take you to spot them in the wild. If that’s too daring for you, you can still get up close and personal at wildlife sanctuaries or aquariums in north Queensland. Pick up an Apollo motorhome in Cairns to tour the tropics. 


Whales can be found all over Australia but a special place to spot these sublime swimmers is the Whitsundays. You’re most likely to view humpback whales here in winter, between June and September, where you might also see whale calves. The bonus of visiting the Whitsundays at this time is you won’t be wiped out by the heat and it’s not stinger season. There are a million reasons to visit the Whitsundays but whale watching in this idyllic location is a recipe for an unforgettable trip. 

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