How to choose the right mechanic

Tips on how to find a trustworthy mechanic for your car services and repairs.
Mechanic working on a car.
Most people fear the cost of car servicing and repairs. They’re never sure they are getting value for money or are being ripped off, as everyone seems to have a bad mechanic story. So finding a mechanic you trust is a valuable asset. Here are a few tips if you’re looking for a new one.

Ask family and friends

If you have family and friends living in your area ask them to recommend a mechanic. There is often nothing more reliable than a good recommendation, as family and friends always have your best interests at heart and will not send you somewhere unless they trust it themselves.

Look out for RACQ approval

If your family and friends can’t help you out, then the RACQ can. RACQ maintains a list of RACQ approved repairers. This can help you find both a good all round mechanic in your area and the best mechanic for a specific job.

Small repair tests

If you’re feeling wary of a mechanic, take it slow. Have them do small things first such as a minor service to test their capability. If you’re happy with the work they do on smaller jobs you can then begin trusting them with bigger repairs or major service work.

Compare prices

To trust a mechanic you should be able to assume they are giving you good value for money. Get multiple quotes from mechanics in the area and cross reference them to ensure you aren’t being taken to the cleaners.

Check online reviews

As many mechanics are small businesses, not all of them have websites. But try to research them online and look at customer reviews. If most of the feedback is positive they’re likely a trustworthy business.

Repair translation

Car repairs can be complex and hard to understand, but a sign of a good mechanic is the ability to relay what is being done in easy to understand terms. If a mechanic can’t articulate the work they are undertaking properly, you are much more likely to be over charged. If you don’t understand any jargon, ask them to explain it in layman’s terms so you do know what’s being done and why.

Car dealerships

Car dealerships make their money on the aftermarket warranty servicing, not on the sale price of a new vehicle. The dealer pricing is usually at the higher end of the scale but is worth using as a comparison.


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