Plant pots give new life to old plastics


Australian-made foldable, waterproof pots help divert waste from landfill.

Plant pots made from recycled plastics at Maleny.

Sunshine Coast eco giftware company, Sow ‘n Sow, has pushed the boundaries of sustainable product innovation with the development of its new product, Pop Up Pot, a foldable origami-style plant pot made from recycled materials.

The founder of Sow ‘n Sow Michelle Brady said with plastic waste levels increasing, it was more important than ever before to rethink waste and move towards a circular economy.

“Closed-loop systems that support a circular economy approach whereby the waste from existing products is turned into new products that re-enter the local supply chain is important for a sustainable future,” Michelle said.

“By manufacturing our Pop Up Pots from 100% recycled materials, we’re actively diverting waste from landfill and using it to create new durable and usable consumer products.

“This keeps the materials circulating in the loop for longer to maximise and extract as much value from it and minimise its environmental impact.”

The material used to make Sow ‘n Sow Pop Up Pots is the only Australian-made plastic sheet that is 100% recycled and 100% recyclable, and the world’s first 100% carbon neutral plastic sheet certified by the Carbon Reduction Institute.

“The material is durable which means a Pop Up Pot can last a lifetime with adequate care but at the end of its life it can be placed in the recycling bin to be made into new products with little material degradation or waste creation,” said Ms Brady.

Sow ‘n Sow’s Pop Up Pot collection includes three Pop Up Pots featuring handpainted acrylic artwork by Newcastle-based artist Jackie Anderson.

You can plant directly into Sow ‘n Sow Pop Up Pots, available in three sizes, or use them as a pot plant sleeve.

Operating for more than 11 years, Sow ‘n Sow prides itself on producing sustainable Australian-made products using environmentally friendly materials.

All products are assembled by hand in their Maleny studio.

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