Heatwave prompts call to prepare for severe weather

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Plan ahead to ensure your home is ready for severe storms.

Heavy rainfall on house roof

An unusual heatwave is sweeping south-east Queensland, putting pressure on Queensland's power grid and prompting severe storm warnings from the Bureau of Meteorology.

Queenslanders should prepare now to ensure they are in the best position to deal with extreme weather events.

Prepare your home

It’s important to check the condition of your household before storms hit. Get the roof checked by a professional to make sure there are no cracks in the tiles, clean out your gutters and clear out excess plants and debris from your gardens. Ensure your home and contents insurance policy is up-to-date and includes new household items such as a new engagement ring, TV or lounge.

Before the storm hits, turn off and unplug unnecessary devices to reduce energy consumption.

Bring any outdoor furniture inside so that it doesn’t get damaged or blown away in heavy winds.

Cover your car

Park your car undercover to avoid damage from falling tree branches or hail. If you don’t have access to undercover parking, a thick blanket can help to protect the windscreen. Remember to never park under a tree during a storm and never drive through floodwater.

Care for your pets

Thunder, lightning and loud wind can be extremely distressing for pets so ensure they are safely inside. Follow these tips from the Animal Welfare League to keep your pates safe and calm.

Check your insurance policy details

Members can check their coverage by logging in to My RACQ and accessing their policy information and insurance disclosure documents

The information and documents will tell you what events and damages you are covered for, your insured amounts and any limits, conditions or excesses that apply.

Access your policy details by following these steps:

  • Go to RACQ.com and log in to My RACQ.
  • From the home screen, click on the “More info” button next to your products.
  • You can then access policy information, including the PDS (PDS) and applicable Supplementary PDS. You can also make a claim and change the contents sum insured.

Click here for more answers to your RACQ Insurance questions.

Making an insurance claim

RACQ insurance holders can save time by logging a claim online. Find out more about the claims process.

Helpful links

  • Bureau of Meteorology – get up-to-date weather warnings and forecasts for your area.
  • Energex (south-east Queensland) – find information on current outages. Call 13 19 62 to report fallen powerlines or electric shocks and 13 62 62 to report power interruptions.
  • Ergon Energy (regional Queensland) –  find information on current outages. Call 13 16 70 to report fallen powerlines or electric shocks and 13 22 96 to report power interruptions.
  • State Emergency Service (SES) – provides search and rescue operations and disaster response services to the Queensland community. Call 132 500 for assistance following severe storms or flooding.

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