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Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

by Barry Green,reviewed January 2016

The F12 Berlinetta not just underscores the word ‘performance’; it emphasises it in big, bold capitals.

With its naturally-aspirated V12 pumping out 545Kw (730 horsepower in the old money) at a lofty 8250rpm and 690Nm of torque at 6000rpm, this is the most powerful performance model of Ferrari’s range product. 0-100km/h comes up in just 3.1 seconds. 

At 1.12 with Cd of 0.299 and 123kg downforce at 200km/h, the F12 is also the most overall aero efficient road car to wear the famous prancing horse crest. 

All of which is very impressive, but what’s it like to drive? Well, without losing your licence, it takes self-control. 

Aforesaid avalanche of performance notwithstanding, the things that truly hot-wire your senses are the steering, cornering and driver involvement. 

The former is somehow the ultimate fusion of fast and feel; the grip and flat, neutral balance under cornering is absolutely awe-inspiring; and the degree of input is yours to modulate through enabling/disabling an arsenal of electronic-guided driving aids.

For example, to make a run up a winding mountain pass a momentous event, simply select ‘Sport’, switch the magnetorheological suspension to its ‘rough road’ setting and engage the lightning-fast paddle gear shift.

Instant driving Nirvana. And we haven’t even got to mention the classical, long bonnet/short rear styling and luxed-out, stylish interior.


Performance, handling, charisma, exclusivity.


Luxury Car Tax impact on price, seats ultimately lack comfort.

Car Details

Vehicle make Ferrari
Vehicle model F12 Berlinetta
Year 2016
Current price range $690745 - $

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Engine 6.3-litre, direct-injection V12.
Max power 545kW
Max torque 690Nm
Acceleration to 100 km/h 3.1 seconds.
Driving wheels RWD
Fuel type 98 RON
Economy ADR 14.9 litres/100km

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