Best large car under $60,000

Traditionalists might cry ‘what the!’ at the thought of a four-cylinder Falcon being Australia’s top large car, but the new Ecoboost is arguably the best mainstream Falcon ever built.

This is why: Engine torque is the key to strong acceleration off the mark and an overall satisfying drive experience, and here the Ecoboost performs as well as the bigger six.

The Ecoboost, with its smaller capacity, 2.0-litre, turbocharged engine, develops its maximum torque at just 2000 rpm, way lower than its Falcon siblings’ bigger six-cylinder, which maxes out at 3250 rpm.

The lighter four-cylinder engine also reduces the Ecoboost’s weight by some 109 kg and shifts the mass away from the front axle, improving weight distribution. The result is a Falcon with the ability to turn in more precisely, and one that is able to handle directional change nearly as well as the smaller Ford models.

Ride quality is also good, along with braking ability and smoothness and quietness, where the new four also beats the older six.

The volume-selling G6 spec Ecoboost also scores well for ergonomics, thanks to a larger touch screen, easier to use controls and eight-way, powered adjustment to the front seats, and in the areas of safety, comfort and space.

Not surprisingly, it is also better equipped than the base model XT.

Australia's Best Cars Best Large Car under $60,000 Ford Falcon FG Ecoboost G6

Manufacturer’s List Price: $40,835

Ford Falcon FG Ecoboost G6 - Criteria out of 10

Value for Money   Rating 
Pricing  8H
Depreciation  7H
Running Costs  9H
Fuel Consumption  5H
Warranty and dealer access   5H
Insurance  7L
Standard Features  4H

Design and Function   Rating 
Safety  9C
Environment  7C
Comfort  9C
Space  9C
Practicality  7H
Ergonomics  9M
Build and Finish  7H

On the Road   Rating 
Performance  9H
Ride  9H
Handling  8H
Braking  8H
Smoothness and Quietness   9M

Note: Level of weighting importance for each score: L = Low, M = Medium, H = High, C = Critical.