Best people mover

Another win this year makes it five in a row for the Hyundai iMax.

The iMax underscores what many consumers look for when the family grows and they need the capacity to haul eight people in relative comfort and, importantly, their luggage.

Based on the iLoad, the iMax’s commercial van roots are evident in its slab-sided design and fixed side glass, but the engineers at Hyundai have done more than just bolt in a second and third row of seats. The suspension package has been softened to improve ride quality and the iMax acquits itself on the road reasonably well, as its scores affirm.

Once you get behind the wheel and under way, the large van-like size seems less of an issue, and the driving position, major controls and their placement are all user friendly.

The 2.5-litre diesel engine diesel is matched to a five-speed auto, which is not as sharp in shifting as some found in purpose-built people movers, and the engine is a little noisy at idle. But the pair does a competent job of hauling a full load of people and their gear.

Hyundai’s long warranty offers peace of mind for the budget conscious and so, too, does a high score for running and repair costs.

Australia's Best Cars Best People Mover Hyundai iMax Diesel

Manufacturer’s List Price: $42,490

Hyundai iMax Diesel - Criteria out of 10

Value for Money   Rating 
Pricing  8C
Depreciation  8M
Running Costs  8H
Fuel Consumption  4H
Warranty and dealer access   9H
Insurance  6L
Standard Features  3H

Design and Function   Rating 
Safety  8C
Environment  5C
Comfort  9C
Space  10C
Practicality  8C
Ergonomics  9C
Build and Finish  7M

On the Road   Rating 
Performance  7M
Ride  8H
Handling  6M
Braking  7H
Smoothness and Quietness   7L

Note: Level of weighting importance for each score: L = Low, M = Medium, H = High, C = Critical.