Best Small car over $35,000

Audi A3 Sportback TFSI COD

It’s two in a row for the highly appealing Audi A3 Sportback TFSI COD, which triumphed this year in another almighty battle for the best small car over $35,000. The leading challengers again were two other prestigious Europeans - the BMW 116i and the Mercedes A180.

The third-generation Audi A3 appeals to the discerning small car buyer who is looking for a bit more style, prestige and slick performance than the cheaper mainstream models offer. The introduction of the technically sophisticated COD (cylinder on demand) engine late last year added another dimension to its appeal.

This compact, five-door hatchback offers class-leading space, and outstanding fuel economy and low emissions. It also scores well in performance, ride and braking, providing a strong, agile, effortless drive over most road surfaces.                                                               

The COD technology delivers ample performance where required and enables the engine to drop from four cylinders to two when only minimum power is required. This is how it scores an official figure of 4.7 litres/100km, making it more efficient than all the petrol-turbo vehicles in its class.

Indicative Drive Away Price: $43,594

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Criteria out of 10 – Audi A3 Sportback TFSI COD

Value for Money  Rating
Pricing  6H
Depreciation  6M
Running and Repair Costs  6M
Fuel Consumption  10C
Warranty and Dealer Access  3M
Insurance  3L
Standard Features  4H

Design and Function  Rating 
Safety   7C
Environment  10C
Seating Comfort  6H
Space  7L
Practicality  7M
Ergonomics  7H
Build and Finish  8C

On the Road  Rating
Performance  7H
Ride  7H
Handling  7H
Braking  7M
Smoothness and Quietness  6M

Note: Level of weighting importance for each score: L = Low, M = Medium, H = High, C = Critical.

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