RACQ window tinting

RACQ Auto Glass is a trusted provider of window tints in Queensland. Our high-quality tints keep families more comfortable on every expedition. With a lifetime warranty on workmanship, RACQ Auto Glass is a Queensland service you can trust. 

  • Clear UV protection. 
  • Darkest legal tint available. 
  • Lifetime warranty. 
  • Tint your commercial vehicle. 
  • Remove and replace old tint. 

Why tint your car? 

Tinting your car windows now only makes for a cooler, more comfortable car, it also offers protection against Queensland's harsh UV rays and it's a safer way to travel too. Get window tints today and enjoy the following benefits; 

  • cooler car 
  • reduce glare 
  • improve UV protection 
  • more privacy 
  • improve the look of your car 
  • prevent upholstery wear and tear 
  • safer in a collision.

Compare window tinting options

With our wide range of window tints you can find the right one to suit you and your family. 

Type of tint Basic Mid-range High-end
  Classic black  Charcoal Ceramic 
Solar performance  Good High Extreme
Appearance Sporty Dark Sophisticated 
Colour Black Charcoal-black  Graphite-black 
Heat resistance  Fair Enhanced Maximum
Reflection    Non-reflective
Longevity Scratch resistant Scratch, fade and corrosion resistant 
Compatibility Signal friendly and safe electronics
Clarity Fair clarity Optical clarity Supreme optical clarity
Construction Dual-ply Alloy-oxide Carbon and ceramic particles

Window tint legislation

Queensland legislation dictates the darkest tint for light vehicles with rear vision mirrors on either side is; 

  • 35% Visible Light Transmission (VLT) for windows next to, or in front of the driver 
  • 20% VLT for windows behind the driver 

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Home window tinting

RACQ Auto Glass extends our service to home window tinting too. Make your house cooler and have nmore protection and privacy at home. Save with our RACQ member discount and get generous savings on your energy bills too. 

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Where you'll find RACQ Auto Glass 

Our services are available throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. Get in touch and we'll get a quote to you. 

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