Whether you want to purchase a used car or are about to hit the open road, get an RACQ vehicle inspection for greater peace of mind.

A comprehensive vehicle inspection will reveal any serious or costly faults in a used vehicle. These are things that a basic Safety Certificate inspection won’t identify.

RACQ can carry out a range of vehicle inspections – from master checks through to spot checks. Our qualified professionals will find and assess flaws and let you know what sort of repairs you’d be up against. Using our hand-held computer, we compile the report as we go – and take photos along the way – and can then send it to you via post, email or fax.

To book a vehicle inspection, send us an enquiry online or call us on 13 1905.


  • Competitive rates
  • Qualified inspectors
  • Written report (including photos)
  • Existing and potential faults 
  • Range of inspections available
  • ISO9001 Quality Certified.      

Vehicle Inspection options:

Master Check from $299

A comprehensive inspection of a used vehicle that tests most components and includes a car history check.

Mechanical Check from $225

An inspection that focuses on the mechanical components of the vehicle.

Mobile Check from $249

We come to you or a car dealership to conduct an inspection.

Mobile Check with Safety Certificate from $334

We come to you to conduct an Inspection and a Safety Certificate.

Additional services:

Safety Certificates

Safety certificates are a requirement when selling your car or if you are transferring to a QLD registration.

All vehicle types: $80.05

Spot Checks

Avoid a high repair quote – a spot check will investigate a specific issue such as brakes, steering or suspension.

RACQ Members: Min. $65 + hourly rate
Non Members: Min. $80 + hourly rate

Child Restraints

Surveys indicate that most restraints are incorrectly fitted, don’t take that risk. Our staff are fully trained.

RACQ Members: $55*
Non Members: $80*
*Payable at time of booking

Mobile Safety Certificate

We come to you to conduct a Safety Certificate.

All vehicle types: $115

To book a vehicle inspection or one of our inspection services, call 13 1905

Call us to book a vehicle inspection or one of our inspection services

Vehicle Inspection Details Master
Car History Check
A car History Check will reveal if the vehicle has money owing, is leased, has been stolen, written-off, has had reported insurance claims and any odometer rollback reported.
Optional Extra
Optional Extra
Body (panels and paint)
General panel and paint condition. Checking for signs of repair and damage.
Interior trim including seats, restraints, window and door mechanisms
Condition of windscreen and operation of all windows
Door Locks
Including central locking mechanisms
Under body inspection
Including panels, frames, steering and suspension, exhaust and driveline components
With all wheels and brake drums removed, brakes are inspected (exception: dual rear wheel vehicles)
Road wheels
Including tyre tread depth and condition
Including cooling system pressure test and component check, drive belts, engine oil level and condition, computer fault codes
Oil Leaks
Report on all visible engine, driveline and brake system oil leaks
Electrical System
Including battery, alternator and charging system check, light operation and condition, horn, heater demister and a/c operation
Road test
A road test of approximately 8km to test steering, suspension, brake operation, engine and driveline operation
  Master Check Mechanical Check Mobile Check Mobile Check with Safety Cert.
Price (all vehicles) Members
Non - Members

To book a vehicle inspection or one of our inspection services, call 13 1905

Call us to book a vehicle inspection or one of our inspection services

Important Terms and Conditions


  • *Your Vehicle Inspection Report can only relate to the condition of the vehicle at the time of the inspection.
  • *Some vehicles may only be inspected in our workshop due to vehicle difficulty, inspection location difficulty and safety requirements.
  • *There are some vehicles that we either cannot inspect, or for which only a limited inspection can be carried out. This might be because of limited access, level of complexity, or specialised tools and equipment required. We will attempt to advise where this might occur prior to conducting a vehicle inspection and this will be recorded in the Vehicle Inspection Report.
  • *Our vehicle inspection is based on the external examination of vehicle components. Due to the time and cost involved, it is not feasible for us to dismantle component assemblies to measure internal parts. These are evaluated by such factors as noise, operation and performance on the road test. If you wish to have an inspection of internal parts undertaken you will need to contact a different service provider and arrange for them to undertake that inspection. We do not provide this service.
  • *Our inspectors will carry out a visual and operating inspection, and check the general state of the vehicle at the time of the inspection.
  • *A road test of approximately 8km to test steering, suspension, brake operation, engine and driveline operation.   
  • *Some faults do not become evident unless higher speeds are tested or achieved (e.g. wheel bearings).


  • *All Products listed may not be available in all areas.
  • *Our vehicle inspection will not tell you everything you need to know about the vehicle.
  • *The Vehicle Inspection Report will not tell you about hidden and concealed defects, intermittent problems not apparent at the time of inspection, prob­lems which cannot be identified on a visual inspection or unless parts of the vehicle are dismantled, or which become manifest after inspection.
  • *We do not remove fixed items such as Baby seats and Seat covers during the inspection.
  • *The inspection may not test the engine through the full operating temperature range of the engine, therefore some issues which are only evident when cold may not be detectable when the engine is presented hot.
  • *Any documents with the vehicle, such as the vehicle service records, vehicle manual, damage reports and repair records, are not inspected. We do not prepare those documents or verify their accuracy and so will not be making any assessment as to whether their contents are accurate.
  • *Vehicles with a transmission not designed for full time 4WD are not driven in 4WD to avoid risking damage to the vehicle drive train.

    The Vehicle Inspection Report

  • *All items in the inspection checklist are evaluated along with those requested by you and agreed by us at the time of the booking.
  • *Only defects detectable at the time of the inspection are reported.
  • *We will provide our professional opinion of the overall condition of the vehicle for your guidance. You should appreciate a professional opinion is a matter of subjective judgement based on our inspectors’ knowledge and experience, and our professional opinion will assist you in making informed decisions.
  • *Where the inspection has been requested to assist you in making a decision to purchase a vehicle, you should appreciate that the Vehicle Inspec­tion Report is not a recommendation to purchase, or not purchase, the vehicle. That decision is your own to make, having regard to such matters as you consider relevant.

    Risk to Purchaser

  • *Due to the limitations on the detection and/or analysis of some faults, (those that are internal, concealed or hidden, and/or are not audible within the limitations of our road test) to purchase a vehicle without a warranty from the seller may expose the purchaser to significant risks.
  • *By its nature, an inspection can only consider the vehicle as at the time of inspection. Defects may arise after the time of the inspection, which defects were not identifiable at the time of inspection.
  • *A cancellation fee of $20 will apply if the booking is cancelled within 24hours of the original inspection booking.