RACQ’s Excess Use program is used to identify, monitor and assist those members with roadside assistance who are deemed to have made excessive requests for service. 

As a mutual organisation, RACQ re-invests any operating surpluses back into the development of products and services that return the most value and benefit to members. RACQ therefore has a financial responsibility to ensure that Club services are distributed in a manner that benefits all members equally. Part of this responsibility is ensuring that members with roadside assistance are not using the service in lieu of proper mechanical maintenance, or regularly requesting roadside assistance for the same recurring incidents. 

When roadside assistance is requested more frequently than is considered reasonable, you may be requested to ensure that any nominated vehicles requiring assistance are placed in a sound mechanical and Roadworthy* condition. Until this has been done, any further requests for service at no charge may be refused, or service provided for a fee.  

The vehicle policy that has been placed in the Excess Use program will be at the Roadside level only, and will not be eligible for any upgrades to Roadside Extra, Plus Care, Ultra Care or RACQ Ultimate.

Once a trend of excessive use has been identified, members will always receive a notification letter which provides information about the Excess Use program and how RACQ can assist them in reducing their breakdown frequency.  

If you would like more information, please contact the Excess Use team by emailing ExcessUse@racq.com.au or phoning 07 3361 8299 during business hours.

*Roadworthy as defined by relevant Queensland legislation.