Are you storm prepared?

While we live in the Sunshine State, us Queenslanders know it's not always blue skies. From cyclones, floods and summer storms, we've experienced our fair share of natural disasters. Alarmingly, RACQ statistics show half of all Queensland homeowners have done nothing to prepare for the upcoming storm season. So, are you and your family prepared for when disaster strikes next? Take a look at the first RACQ TV episode about being storm prepared. It has a checklist of simple things to do around your home to make sure you're ready for that next storm.

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Your insurance questions answered

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Insurance is about protecting yourself from the unexpected. When you have belongings and property that are of value, you want to know that you are covered if they were damaged or lost. In Queensland, we are all too familiar with unpredictable weather and the impacts of cyclones, floods, storms and bushfires. But insurance also protects you against things like theft, damage and legal liability.

When you pay your insurance premium, it goes into a pool of money with everyone else’s premium. When people claim on their policy, that money comes out of the pool. In the event of a catastrophe e.g. large scale flooding or a cyclone, this pool of money goes to helping a lot of people recover. 

Yes, you can defer your monthly insurance payment by logging into your My RACQ profile, select the insurance policy you want changed then go to ‘Payment method’ change.  Enter the date you would like your payment deferred to.  You can defer your monthly payment at any time prior to your payment due date.  You can also give us a call on 13 1905 and one of our consultants will arrange this for you.

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