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These documents all play a role in explaining how the insurance policy would work for you.

A Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) tells you what you are and are not covered for under a specific policy. It highlights things such as insured events, claim limits, exclusions, discounts, benefits and information on how our claims process works. It forms part of the issuing documents you receive when you purchase a policy.

A Supplementary Product Disclosure Statement (SPDS) is used to advise you of any changes to the terms and conditions of your PDS. You must read this in conjunction with your PDS.

A Target Market Determination (TMD) explains who the specific insurance may be suitable for, as well as aspects of the policy which may make the insurance unsuitable for some customers.

A Key Facts Sheet (KFS) sets out key information about a Household Insurance policy. The information in here will be consistent in other Insurer fact sheets, in order to make it easier for you to compare policies.

Downloading documents

These documents are current at the time you visit our site. We will update these as changes are made, so if you are looking to purchase insurance you should read the most recent documents, not earlier downloaded versions.

If you have an existing policy, please refer to the documents from the time you purchased or renewed the policy, as these will be the conditions that apply for you.

If you require a PDS or other document not listed here, or if anything from this page doesn’t make sense simply call us on 13 1905 or visit an RACQ branch.

Information for Life and Income Protection Insurance including benefits, additional cover options and limitations.



Information for Travel Insurance including benefits, additional cover options and limitations.

The Product Design and Distribution Policy is to assist in providing a guidance on the development and distribution of our insurance products for the appropriate target markets. It provides an outline on the steps taken in developing target market determinations, steps involved in developing insurance products and an indicative checklist to be addressed for distributing these products.



A Target Market Determination is a document which describes the intended class of customers the product is appropriate for (target market), and outlines ways the product can be distributed to customers. It also describes the circumstances where the Target Market Determination may need to be reviewed.

As of 29 March 2021, we will no longer be renewing or selling new RACQ Unique Vehicle Insurance. For more information on how this may impact you, please contact us on 13 1905.