A Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) tells you what you are and are not covered for under a specific policy.

It highlights things such as insured events, claim limits, exclusions, discounts, benefits and information on how our claims process works. It forms part of the issuing documents you receive when you purchase a policy.

If you require a PDS not listed here, or if anything in your PDS doesn't make sense simply call us on 13 1905 or visit an RACQ branch.

Download a PDS

The PDS available for download are current at the time you visit our site. We will update the PDS available on our website as changes are made, so please consult the most recent PDS prior to obtaining insurance, not an earlier downloaded version.

After downloading and reading a PDS, you may like to make a claim or get a quote.

Supplementary Product Disclosure Statement (SPDS)

The purpose of a Supplementary Product Disclosure Statement (SPDS) is to advise you of any changes to the terms and conditions of your PDS. You must read this in conjunction with your PDS.

Household Insurance

Includes information for Home Building Insurance and Contents Insurance. You also receive this PDS when you purchase renters or landlord insurance.

Household policies also have a Key Facts Sheet (KFS) which help highlight your coverage.

Motor Vehicle Insurance

Our Motor Vehicle PDS includes information for Comprehensive, Third Party Liability, and Fire Theft and Third Party Insurance policies. You will also receive this if you buy Motorcycle Insurance and some Fleet and Small Business Insurance policies.  

Enthusiast Car and Motorcycle Insurance

As of 7 November 2020, we will no longer be renewing or selling new RACQ Enthusiast Insurance. Please click here for more information.

Includes information on cover for motor enthusiast's cars, like classic, veteran, prestige and vintage vehicles.

Unique Vehicle Insurance

Includes information on comprehensive coverage for modified, grey import, luxury and performance cars.

Caravan Insurance

Includes information for Comprehensive and Third Party Liability Insurance.

Boat Insurance

Includes information for Comprehensive and Third Party Liability cover. 

Body Corporate Insurance

Information on cover for residential body corporate and strata plans. 

Pet Insurance

Information for Pet Insurance including optional benefits, inclusions and the claim limits.

Life and Income Protection Insurance

Information for Life and Income Protection Insurance including benefits, additional cover options and limitations.

Travel Insurance

Information for Travel Insurance including benefits, additional cover options and limitations.

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