Episode 11: Storybook Farm

Where can you find doughnut-loving goats, peeping tom galahs and a woman who has dedicated her life to helping vulnerable and sick animals?

Australia’s first sanctuary for disabled animals, of course.

In Your shout’s first episode, RACQ’s Deb Eccleston sits down with Storybook Farm owner Lisa-Jayne “LJ” Cameron and her wheelchair-bound dachshund, Daisy.

Storybook Farm was founded in 2012 as a sanctuary for animals that need specialised care for disabilities, trauma and behavioural problems. The farm is well-known for its be-wheeled dachshund mascots, so it’s only fitting that the idea came to LJ from one of her tiny sausage dogs, Mr Waddles.

The elderly dog developed Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVDD), a condition that is so common in “dacchies” that it affects around one in four of them. The disease causes paralysis and immense pain.

Luckily, Mr Waddles could be rehabilitated, but many extreme cases like Daisy and her brother Cody end up being abandoned or euthanised by families unable to cope with the mental and financial strain. This is where it all started for Storybook Farm, as LJ wanted to create a place for owners to surrender or rehabilitate their animals who need that extra bit of attention.

LJ’s cares for more than 50 animals that range from dogs with brain damage to cats with chromosomal abnormalities and extreme cases of cruelty in horses. It hasn’t always been an easy ride for LJ and her family, but she firmly believes that to make a difference, you need to be passionate and commit.

To hear more about Storybook Farm listen to the full podcast here.