First ultra-rapid charging station in Queensland

First ultra-rapid charging station in Queensland

Electronic vehicles (EVs) can now be charged quickly and simultaneously at the Toombul Shopping Centre in Brisbane.

First ultra-rapid charging station in Queensland

To support the increase of electronic vehicles in Queensland, Chargefox and motoring Clubs including RACQ, will open ultra-rapid charging stations across Australia.

Last month RACQ welcomed Queensland’s first charging station at the Toombul Shopping Centre in Brisbane.

The station allows two vehicles to be charged simultaneously and delivers up to 350kW and 400 kilometres in 15 minutes, or 200 kilometres in just eight minutes.

RACQ Head of Public Policy Dr Rebecca Michael said RACQ, along with the other motoring clubs, has invested in Chargefox to encourage the uptake of EVs.

Our members have told us that ‘range anxiety’ is a key concern and so we are investing in Chargefox to alleviate this worry by stalling 21 rapid charging stations on major driving routes from Brisbane to Adelaide,” Dr Michael said.

“EVs have the potential to deliver a range of safety and affordability benefits to our members.

“Despite this, the high price point and limited range of early models has inhibited adoption with EVs making up less than 1% of the Australian fleet.

“We expect this to change dramatically as the price of EVs drop, the number of models increases and range improves so it is important that RACQ is ready to meet the needs of our EV driving members.”

The $15 million investment includes contributions from RACQ, RACV, RAC, RAA and NRMA along with the founder of Carsales Greg Roebuck and grants from Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) and the Victorian Government.

With an additional 19 ultra-rapid charging stations in development by the Melbourne-based start-up, the Chargefox network will connect Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Adelaide, as well as having stations in Western Australia and Tasmania by the end of 2019.

This will make electric vehicle charging faster and easier for all Australians and support efforts to bring Australia’s vehicle emissions in line those of the USA and Europe.

Australian Motoring Services CEO Michael Reed said the Australian mobility clubs want to encourage greater take-up of electric vehicles by providing members with access to this new technology.

The benefits of EVs include much lower running costs, they are cheaper to maintain, and they reduce harmful air pollution,” Mr Reed said.

“By investing in Chargefox, the Australian mobility clubs are building on their current investment to improve the infrastructure of this country and remove one of the major barriers that limits the adoption of EVs.
“Having a national network of ultra-rapid charging stations will enable our members and all drivers of EVs to travel confidently between cities and states.”
The network will also be accessible by all major EV car models, including Tesla.