Keep in mind

Sponsored content: We live in a time where breakfast, lunch and dinner are often consumed on the go.

Many Australians now choose to eat their evening meal in front of the TV and younger folk like grazing in the bedroom. Apparently, our busy lives mean we also consume our meals as we multitask, such as eating lunch at our desk while we work or do household chores.  

If it is take-away you are eating, rather than something you made yourself, then it is more likely to be higher in kilojoules, salt and fat. More than a third of our energy intake (kilojoules) now comes from junk food.

Dietitian and My health for life health coach Jessica Burrows says this is why the practice of mindful eating makes good sense. It costs nothing and can be done at every meal. 

“The premise behind mindful eating is being conscious of your food,’’ says Jess. “Serve a meal on a plate rather than eat from a container and sit at a table while you eat so you’re not distracted.

“Take the time to notice the way your food smells and tastes and savour each mouthful.’’

Jess says when we practice mindfulness and pay attention to our food, we are more likely to make better food choices and less likely to overeat because we know when we are comfortably full. 

Considering the average Queenslander is gaining an extra kilogram every four to five years, it seems mindful eating is definitely something to chew over.

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