RACQ Foundation grant benefits Barcaldine Show Society

RACQ Foundation helped light up this year’s Barcaldine Show.

An RACQ Foundation Community Grant of $25,000 allowed the Barcaldine Show Society to install new lights at its showground and a security gate for its dining hall and bar areas.

Barcaldine Show Society President Ben Child said funding for the new lighting was greatly appreciated and allowed ring events to be held at night.

“The country show, for a community, is a really great event to pull people together, especially when the chips have been down like they have been for probably the last five or six years,” Mr Child said.

“We’re a not-for-profit organisation and every bit (of help) that we get is much appreciated.”

New lights at Barcaldine showgrounds.

Sheep shearing under new lights at the Barcaldine Show.

RACQ Foundation Chair Bronwyn Morris was in Barcaldine to see the lights in use at the show.

“A lot of these smaller groups aren’t able to have insurance, they aren’t able to support themselves and they are often quite reluctant to ask for help,” Ms Morris said.

“We, as an organisation, like to help our communities and add value back to families.”

Fifty-one RACQ employees, trades and retirees had the privilege to work and stay on drought-affected stations in the Barcaldine and Winton regions as part of the RACQ Foundation’s Community Assistance Program in June.

New lights at Barcaldine showgrounds.

Some of the new lights at the Barcaldine showground.

They also volunteered at the Barcaldine Show, Winton Outback Film Festival and Diamantina Heritage Truck and Machinery Museum.

In March, Foundation volunteers visited Tara and Miles to lend a hand to communities over two weeks and more will visit the Goondiwindi and Texas regions in October.

Last year, RACQ Foundation distributed more than $1 million to Queensland groups hit by storms, cyclones, floods, fire and drought.

RACQ Foundation Senior Coordinator Bridgette Muller said this year marks the 10th year the Foundation has been supporting members and their communities affected by severe weather events and, more recently, the impacts of COVID-19.

“We feel really privileged to be representing RACQ Foundation and our members and we know that would we do really, makes a difference,” Ms Muller said.

Community organisations affected by natural disasters or drought can apply for RACQ Foundation funding online