Road trip to Emerald on a motorcycle

Let’s get straight to the point, when did you last do a road trip?

When did you last give some serious thought to taking a week or so out from your usual routine?

Set aside those daily things that seem to control your daily life such as the alarm clock, the commute or tackling the usual list of ‘things to do’ and think about getting out on the open road away from the thousands of other road users you mingle with every day.

I did just that back in mid-April and can tell you it felt great.

For me I had a good excuse, you know, the justification if you like, as our daughter lives in Emerald and I’m sure the occasional parental visit is the right thing to do. And with relatives in Moranbah why not add that to the destination list.

I could have taken our family car, but I didn’t, and instead chose to take my motorcycle thereby turning a long drive into an awesome road trip of mostly solitude riding.

If you’re lucky enough to ride a motorcycle, and not just because it’s a cheaper commuting option, you’ll know what it feels like to get away from the suburbs and out on those longer roads where the traffic thins out and the scenery gets better.

As a rider you’d also know that even if you are riding alone, it’s quite likely you’ll bump into another rider at a fuel station, rest stop of coffee shop who is also out getting away from the daily grind that consumes us all.

For me the ride was far more enjoyable than I expected it to be. It was about having time to enjoy the road, scan the scenery, stop to take the odd photo and allow the mind to clear itself of all the clutter that builds up from our daily routine.

And, importantly, it’s about keeping things simple. Sure, its important to prepare the bike before you head off, make sure all servicing is up to date, plan rest stops, carry just enough to get you through the week without requiring the equivalent of a support vehicle for the luggage etc.

Its also about connecting with your bike, and for me it’s an older Suzuki Bandit 1200. You’ll never get the comfort levels of a car but with regular breaks the enjoyment of covering a long distance far outweighs the soreness that accumulates as the hours go by.

So, what’s stopping you? The ‘to do list’ can grow as long as it likes, and the alarm clock can buzz all it wants, and it will, if you allow it to.

I remember a great Honda commercial, known as the ‘impossible dream’, Google it and be inspired. It had a great line at the end, it went ‘What good is dreaming it if you don’t actually do it?’

Trust me, take a road trip, you won’t regret it.

To hear more about my road trip listen to the RACQ Living podcast.